Accommodations FAQs

When is check-in / check-out?

Check-in time is 4:00pm, check-out time is 11:00am.

Do you allow late check-out or early check-in?

Unfortunately, because of extended cleaning efforts required to maintain our high level of safety when it comes to COVID-19, we cannot offer early check in our late check outs.

Are your accommodations pet friendly?

Some of our cottages are pet friendly! If you are going to bring your pet, please ensure that you have selected a pet friendly cottage during your booking process. Please see our Booking Policy for more details.

Do you have hypoallergenic accommodations available?

Yes! While all of our cottages do have quality linens which are washed with hypoallergenic detergents, we do offer accommodations which are not pet friendly in the case that you do have a highly sensitive pet allergy. If you have any specific needs, please feel free to contact us before booking.

Do your accommodations have wifi?

Yes! All of our accommodations do have WiFi! Please be aware that internet connection speed is limited in Port Renfrew and should not be relied upon for sharing large files. Most streaming services, such as Netflix, will work fine, but there are times when it may not.

Are your accommodations wheelchair accessible?

Some of our accommodations are wheelchair accessible. Please contact us if you require special assistance.

Do cottages have kitchen utensils & cooking supplies?

All accommodations which are equipped with kitchens are supplied with basic cookware such as dishes, utensils and pots & pans. However, if you plan on cooking any special meals, we do recommend bringing your own stuff. Due to current health restrictions, our accommodations are not currently stocked with salt & pepper, spices or cooking oils.

Do you supply coffee & tea?

All accommodations are equipped with a coffee maker and kettle. We supply a lovely medium roast coffee from Port Renfrew's very own Beach Camp Coffee Co. Additionally, we supply a selection of teas. Sugar is supplied, but cream can be purchased at the General Store.

Do your accommodations have fire pits?

Some accommodations do have propane fire pits, while others have wood fire pits. We will ensure that you have enough wood and/or propane to enjoy a few fires during your stay. Please be aware that during fire ban season, we will not be providing wood. Propane fires are allowed during fire ban season.

Do you allow smoking in or around your accommodations?

Smoking inside or near entrances to our accommodations is strictly prohibited. This includes tobacco, cannabis or electronic cigarettes. Please be aware that there is a $300 fine for smoking of any kind inside of the accommodation.

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Port Renfrew FAQs

How do I get to Port Renfrew?

Check out our Getting Here page!

There are two primary routes to Port Renfrew; via Lake Cowichan on the Pacific Marine Route or via Sooke on Highway 14. Both drives are along a paved, narrow, bumpy and winding road. These roads are shared with industrial / logging traffic, so please do take your time! Getting here truly is part of the adventure, so pack accordingly. Please be aware that you will lose cell phone service once you leave Sooke and Lake Cowichan.

What is the drive to Port Renfrew from Victoria like?

Driving to Port Renfrew from Victoria is an experience all in it’s own. After you pass through Sooke, you will continue to drive along the southwest corner of Vancouver Island along highway 14. This paved highway winds along the coastline, presenting incredible views of the strait of Juan de Fuca. Don’t forget to Plan Your Adventure so you can see the sights along the way!

What is the drive to Port Renfrew from Duncan like?

The drive to Port Renfrew from Lake Cowichan is just as spectacular as the alternative route from Victoria. This paved road winds through the Cowichan and San Juan valley

Is there cell phone coverage in Port Renfrew?

At this time there is NO cell phone coverage within Port Renfrew. It is highly recommended that you enable “WiFi Calling” prior to visiting Port Renfrew. To learn how to enable WiFi Calling on your cell phone, please contact your service provider. Generally, this must be done while connected to a cell phone network, so it’s best to do this before you come to Port Renfrew.

How is the internet connection in Port Renfrew?

Internet connection in Port Renfrew is limited to ADSL and satellite connections. Generally, speeds vary from 5Mbps to 25Mbps, however, these speeds can vary greatly depending on weather conditions, usage, etc. Most video streaming services (such as Netflix) work fine, and you will be able to access emails & social media… just a bit slower than normal.

Is there a grocery store in Port Renfrew?

While there is no true grocery store in Port Renfrew, the General Store has a selection of produce, meats and other items. Please be aware that not all items are always in stock, so it’s a good idea to bring your own groceries.

Is there a liquor store in Port Renfrew?

The General Store does sell liquor, beer and wine. You may also be able to purchase off-sales from The Renfrew Pub

Is there an ATM in Port Renfrew?

There is an ATM located at The Renfrew Pub and Coastal Kitchen Cafe.

Is there a gas station in Port Renfrew?

Yes! At the edge of town is The Pacheedaht Pitstop.

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